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MAZDA 6 – the car serious. And if you are to her owners, undoubtedly, know about high quality of this car. But, unfortunately, even in the most qualitative cars defects meet. For example, the model of the “six” which is let out in 2008 quite often has problem with steering rack. Therefore we will consider such important part of car repairs Mazda as repair of rail Mazda 6.

 Repair of steering rack Mazda 6

For repair of this important component of your car we recommend to address after all to the professional service center. It is worth stipulating that repair of steering rack becomes complicated because of availability of stabilization system of road-holding ability of the EPS car a little.


But here you can diagnose problems with steering rack from big share of confidence independently. The matter is that this breakdown is followed by row enough typical problems. In particular, in behavior of your car there can be following features:

  • when driving you feel that the car drives aside;
  • it is rather difficult to turn wheel, for this purpose it is necessary to make notable efforts;
  • when turning wheel you hear knock;
  • if the engine is killed quite long time and has already cooled down, it is almost impossible to turn wheel.

At emergence of one or several of the listed problems it is worth addressing in professional service for diagnostics. There is probability that the designated problems have appeared not because of steering rack, and owing to misoperation of EPS and in this case correction of work will be required ON. Unfortunately, EPS are ready to adjust work not everyone services, it is simpler to majority to suggest to change steering rack at once. So we advise to find reliable service to which you will be able really to trust, after all timely repair of breakdowns of the car is question of your safety at driving. When carrying out repair in service surely specify guarantee period for the carried-out works.

And now let’s look as there is repair the helmsman Mazda 6.


First, it cannot be carried out without platform or inspection pit where the car is exhausted. After that the stretcher is removed. It is necessary to find the accumulator, accurately to remove its plugs. Even more accurately connectors of the accumulator are disconnected from EPS.

After these procedures it is possible to remove steering rack Mazda 6. Now we pass to replacement. First of all it is worth replacing plugs at the stabilizer. After that the rail can be sorted, examined and consistently to replace all worn-out parts. Now it is necessary to return everything into place in the return sequence.

Be not surprised if after replacement of rail wheel some time turns rather hardly. After parts get used” (usually for this purpose it is necessary few weeks), this problem will disappear.

It should be noted still that fact that not always steering Mazda 6 is the reason for replacement factory defect. Very often operating conditions become cause of defect. The rail can become covered by rust because of continuous contact with water on the road, the salt and other chemicals used for topping of the road to cold season can corrode it.



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